Social and Environmental Responsability

In the course of its activity, Sicrosal is concerned with its environmental and social impact and has developed a number of initiatives responsible for ensuring the lowest possible environmental impact as well as cooperation with local communities, in particular those most in need.

Social Responsability

In the scope of social responsibility there are initiatives to complement the activity of the company while helping and contributing to the development of the local community. The company counts on partnerships with elements of the local community that are involved in the company’s production process, through the provision of services, namely in the assembly and incorporation of components in the final product, packaging, quality control, etc.

In addition to the initiatives mentioned above, Sicrosal also developed a social responsibility partnership with the Pintor Almada Negreiros School Group, with the aim of motivating the learning of children in need through the supply of school material, toys, etc.

Environmental responsibility

At the environmental level there is a constant concern in the development and optimization of processes that lead to less wastage and greater efficiency in the use of resources and raw materials. Among several actions, the total reuse and internal recycling of the production waste is highlighted.

In addition, Sicrosal has been investing in the study and development of know-how and production techniques in order to start using 100% biodegradable raw materials and of vegetable origin in the manufacture of its products.

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